That's rough, buddy.
B-but you live in the continent of Asia. So you are Asian (?) I'm sorry but I thought people who lived in Asia are Asian. How can one live in Asia and not be Asian? I'm confused, I just don't understand. (PS: You're cute)

B-but Ukraine is in Eastern Europe….at least it was, last time I checked.______.

I may have sent this a few months ago, but my cousin had decided to name her daughter Viria (I suggested the name, and my cousin is an artist and loves your work too and thought it was perfect!). Little Viria Lily was born this morning at 10:12, and I was so excited to tell you! She's so cute, and when I held her I was cooing at her and saying "maybe one day you'll grow up to be like Viria! But no matter what you're like, I'll always be proud of you!" And SHE GIGGLED OMFG SHES SO CUTE

Omygod I wish I could post gifs from this BUT OH MY GOOOOOOOOFFFFNFFFDDDD
I’m gonna cry oh dear lord

Viria are u ok?

Yes, don’t worry! My computer monitor broke down a few days ago so I’m technically from mobile and struggling D:

It will get to the repair show only tomorrow and I don’t even know how long it will take them to fix it, IF it’s fixable T_____T So I guess I won’t be exactly active for quite some time.

i could swear that after the quidditch world cup thing on pottermore and all around tumblr you'd be up to draw some hp, like you used to. i miss those times and i know you'll get angry/upset after reading this, like if it's your "obligation" to draw hp stuff (for fucks sake i know it's not). anyway, you're prob gonna ignore this message, idk... i just miss the "old" you. the jily shipper, too. the marauders drawings. i still have faith in you ;)

The fact that I get this message after that Luna drawing though….
Either way, you’re right about me not exactly appreciating this kind of messages, but I should probably get used to it…
If you’re expecting me to get back to my “old” self, when pretty much erything I drew was HP i suppose it’s a bit of impossible currently. I mean to have the same amount of drawings for it when I’m not gonna lie, it’s not in my priorities atm…

Also it’s not that I didn’t try drawing it after that world cup thing, I tried to draw teddy and victoire but it ended up sucking so bad and I hated the designs so it didn’t go far.

Not to mention there are plenty other wonderful artists who have inspiration to draw Harry Potter that can “full fill your needs” in a way.

5 years ago, did yo ever think you'd be so far into sports animanga

5 years ago I thought I was too cool and old for anime…… yeeeaaah…

Do you prefer day or night? ^^ P.S. I love you and your art is perfect. Oh and when I showed your selfie to my sister and said "look how beautiful she is", she told me "meh, just an asian girl" ^^' I think you are gorgeous.

Hahahaahahahah it gets really awkward at the point where I say I’m not Asian XD but thank you very much!!
Aaaand I think I prefer evenings. Night too, but I love evenings more.

烏野 I don't want you writing the words wrong. <3

Yeeesss, thank you! I realized i’ve been writing it wrong right after I finished writing it on every single uniform. The laziness took over. Buuuut now I have a screen cap from the new opening where it’s clear so it will be fine in the next ones hopefully^^

you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you&#8230; but it&#8217;s useless to fight it.

you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

Hi just dropping by to say that your blog inspired me to read haikyuu!! Ans I've realized how much of my life has been wasted without these adorkable morons in my life, so thank you!!!


you the part in haikyuu manga where hinata says "i had a feeling that we wouldn't be "friends" at first, but we could be "partners"" after his fight with kageyama? what does he mean by that? i don't really understand it.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly you don’t understand about this line so I apologise for this wall of text in advance because it might not even answer your question.. I think it means what it says.

They both start off as rivals, and not JUST rivals, that had a match and forgot about each other, but the kind of ‘enemy’ you want to defeat no matter what, because the behaviour of this ‘enemy’ is just completely unacceptable for you and your beliefs. Especially for Hinata. Defeating Kageyama was the purpose he was working for for the end of a middle school, so once he’s in high school he’s much better, good enough to fight the king of the court, good enough to win over Kageyama Tobio.

But they end up in the same team, obviously not being able to put everything they’ve felt towards each other away in one go. But they ARE teammates now, there is no really any other way for both of them to play volleyball, other than team up with each other and fight alongside. I think it was Daichi who said that he didn’t expect them to become friends. But they HAVE to learn to stand each other on the court, and that’s how it starts.

They both annoy each other. Even after everything they’ve been through, even though they kind of ended up admiring each other (not that they are going to admit it >_>) , they still find one another annoying at times and there’s no helping it. Hinata was jumping and playing alongside Kageyama and they both ENJOYED it, despite everything bitter that happened between them in the past. Kags is the one who can drive Hinata’s potential, who can make Hinata feel wanted in the team and NEEDED in the team. Kags is the one who allows Hinata to stay on the court with all of them. And Hinata jumps with trusting his all into Kageyama’s tosses and believing that ball will be there because Kageyama will send it his way.

When Hinata comes up with the idea of a new attack, Kageyama just refuses to help, refuses to even SEE potential in what Hinata can achieve, refuses to BELIEVE in Hinata like he was believing in Kags all along, Hinata is indeed angry and desperate about it. This is NOT what partners do. They might not have considered each other friends (even though I think they ARE friends, just don’t know how to handle this thought alone, of being friends with your greatest rival), but they have been partners. teammates. and considered each other so.

When Kageyama turned away all of Hinata’s expectations about his farther improvement, just because ‘it’s fine the way things are now’, the whole ‘partnership’ thing for Hinata just crucks up. because it’s one sided, while it should be linked.

That’s why Hinata says that he didn’t expect them to become friends, but that they could be partners. He’s disappointed and bitter because they COULD, if Kageyama just bothered to at least listen to him, while Kags doesn’t quite want to hear him out on the first place  That’s simply not how partnership works.

In Hinata’s *not too complicated tbh* mind, partnership-is the highest ‘level’ of what can their relationship grow into. I don’t think he realizes that it’s possible to be friends with your rival, so he hopes that partnership to work. And when Tobio refuses to listen, HInata ends up without a friend and without even a partner he put his trust into.

I got..carried away..