That's rough, buddy.
If sburb was real, would you ever want to go god tier? (meaning would you ever want to be killed and/or kill yourself just for the sake of going god tier?)

hmmmm hmm if I was 100% sure I’d get back, if I found the least painful way to do it and if I 100% knew I needed it for the sake of getting \more powerful\ then probably yes?

not sure =___=

except taggging it doesn't work since 99% of your asks aren't tagged???


excuse me but what the fuck are you talking about?

if you can teach me how to tag it BEFORE posting, then go for it.

Oh wait someone suggested xkit so if it work you are finally going to be happy congratulaationssss

People can just get Tumblr saviour and black list "Ask viria a question" and your answers won't show up on their dash - it works, I just tried it aha

so it works:D

I wasn’t sure so I didn’t mention it this time

Hey Viria, just wanted to ask: could you maybe make a tag for your asks? They have a tendency to flood my dash when you do answer them, and to be completely honest, I don't usually read them anymore because they're becoming ridiculously repetitive (You already know you're awesome), and a little annoying to scroll through. With Tumblr lagging the father down it goes now, makes it difficult to enjoy seeing things like your actual art or others' art when they load at the speed of snail. Thanks.

It probably would be repetitive for you and other people as well, but I said mulllltiplleeeeee times that I do tag them with anon.

however, no one seems to want to block it because other people also tag their asks with anon sometimes and you want to avoid only my asks, without avoiding others’ asks. So that’s completely your choice, either you want to see someone’s else’s questions more than you want to avoid me answering mine, or visa-versa.

But I don’t really feel like changing the tag, because ALL of my already answered asks are already tagged with anon. Not to mention I don’t want to make a long and unique tag because even tagging every question with anon takes some time.

I am not even talking I shouldn’t even worry about that and it’s like my blog and I want to do whatever I want with it, but I still actually worry in some way, and actually I avoid answering ‘how awesome I am’ because of people who complain.. even though I would love people who send me questions to know I’ve seen it and I appreciate it.

Therefore, to avoid me going ‘against myself’ (haha or something like that) and changing the way I blog (which I am not obligated to do, right?), and at the same time to avoid you going throught my ridiculously repetitive and annoying asks, you can simply unfollow me:) 

seriously, no hard feelings or whatever, I understand where it’s coming from, I really do! so…you can still check my art tag if you follow me for this, and you’ll still be able to see it while not seeing all of my asks:) it’s just the easiest solution really.

Uh hi Viria, I'm also Turkish and a slightly artsy person, so I think I might be able to help that anon if you publish this and he sees it?
Hi Viria! This is Emin from Turkey. I want to ask for advice (with my seriously funny English) from you. I know I'm not the first one who wants an advice, I wish this will be easy for you for the rest :D The thing is that I'm drawing something (especially a person) without a background and it looks so empty on the paper or as I see on PC. But whenever I see your arts, and some other guys' arts without backgroungs, it looks normal. I didn't want to be anon but seems like you only answer anons. =/

I only publish anons.

mm I wish I could explain it all to you in Russian because it would be so much easier.

whenever you don’t have any background (and whenever you do as well) you should consider a composition. To compose all the \objects\ on a piece of paper or canvas so they wouldn’t be too big, in which they sort of \fall out\ from the canvas (I swear it sounds better in Russian); or too small as I think it is in your case because you say you have too much free space left.

Before you actually drew something, look at your paper-canvas and try to ehh…how do I say it…lightly sketch the main forms, so you could see a little better how it’s going to turn when it’s done.

with characters drawings it might be a bit different, but whenever we drew still life or anything else in the university (and those are those large formats like 60x70 or 50x60 (centimeters) mostly sketching it out is unavoidable.

it shouldn’t be way too up *mostly there should be a bit more free space on the up, and less on the bottom*; shouldn’t be way too left or right so it might seem like a seperate object and not a part of composition. it sort of have to have that…balance, like, all the HUGE objects shouldn’t be on the one part of the drawing because it sort of ‘outweights the composition on itself’ and so on..

gods I am not very good at explaining and it’s sort of extended and not exactly what you asked for but I hope it helps a bit._.

I'm drawing a girl around the age of 14, a time when a females breasts usually aren't large, but since I'm drawing her facing towards me, standing, her body looks a lot like a males because I don't know how to show them from that perspective, at their size. Help?

I am not much help in this, because I am not that good at drawing younger characters either, but I’d probably do something like this?image

haha also don’t be that afraid to make them a little more \visible\ because it’s not always females at that age are more \, haha at 14 I was pretty much the same I am now.__.  

did you ever get the chance to see the new Percy Jackson Movie?

not yeeet, but I know I am going to see it on 22th (or 23d if anything goes a little wrong) becaaaause my internet bro is visiting me and we want to watch it togeether and uuu I think I already mentioned it so many times but I don’t care because I am exciiteeeeeeeeddddd

Hey Viria. I've noticed that your last like two drawing's have looked a little different. Have you been doing something differently? If you have would you mind sharing what you've been doing differently? You drawing's are still freaking awesome though!

ahhhhh thanks!:33

I’ve been sort of experimenting recently (and I must say it pretty much started with Jean drawing, but it wasn’t that much different from what I’ve been doing normally); but anyway

with the last two I was sort of trying to paint ehehe:D \trying..Like I make a sketch and then pretty much start colouring it on the exact same later so the colours of the sketch blur with the colours I choose.. (because I wanted to try the brushes I never tried before)

though in the end I still need to make new layers to make the drawing a little more clear and add details and stuff..*though I wouldn’t say it had that many details eheh*

sorry for crappy explanation but when it comes to any sort of painting and not just my usual colouring I don’t really have any ‘plan’ on how I do it so it’s pretty spontaneously:)

What's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time about? I'm scared to google it because I fear there might be spoilers D:

hmmm it’s about a girl who leapt through time hehe:D

I am sorry, but I really don’t know how to explain what it’s about without spoilering anything, so the title is really the best way:) It’s like..something like about the concequences of your actions if not to say much.

But I’d recommend watching it, it’s a good one!:)